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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 16, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> sean: that is all the time we have left. thank you for being with us. the news continues greta is next. have a great weekend! >> greta: tonight, it feels a bit like twilight zone, but it's true. right now an invisible cloud is threatening the world it could even take down a jumbo jet and pilots cannot see it on radar. even if they dodge that danger, one thing is certain this cloud is costing a fortune and disrupting the lives of tens of thousands what is this cloud? volcanic ash if iceland. the volcano erupted four week ago. this wednesday the volcano really let go, blasting several miles into the air. but it didn't stop there. right now winds are pushing this dangerous cloud south and east across england into the heart of europe. the cloud's elevation between 20,000 and 30,000 feet, invisable from the ground moving 25 miles per hour, tens
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of thousands of flights have been cancelled. just today in europe, 16,000 flights cancelled. it gets worse it isn't just those flights in europe. each cancelled flight there sets off a ripple effect to every corner of the globe leaving thousands of travelers stranded all over the world. ready for more? this is not just dangerous or inconvenient, it is economically catastrophic to so many industries. think about the airline industry, already crippled and now losing 200 million dollars per day. other businesses like ups and fedex facing a growing backlog. not just danger, inconvenience or money, the volcano is having a major impact on international affairs. prime minister of norway stranded in new york, forced to govern his country from the new apple. pad. the volcano threatening to disrupt the planned funeral of the poe president who died in a plane crash last week that funeral scheduled for sunday
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the president plans to leave the united states tomorrow to attend the service. could this vain know blow again and how soon -- could this volcano blow again and how soon? good evening pete. could this volcano blow again? >> hi greta. yeah this eruption it is not clear whether this is an individual eruption that will just a few days and then go way or whether there will be an ongoing series this is only the third time in the last 1100 years that this mountain has again off. the last time it went off it was a three year series of eruptions. it is conceivable that this mountain could continue to erupt on and off at least, for several years. nobody knows quiet how it is going to behave. >> greta: i take it there is no way to predict. i followed volcanoes in other
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stories everyone stands by and waits and hopes for the best in many times. >> all you have to go on are historical eruptions. as you can tell with this being the third, they don't have a lot of history go on. one of the things they are trying to do is to analyze the ash. which can give them clues as to the kinds of chemistry involved in the lava and other factors that would at least indicate whether an eruption this explosive will wind down fairly quickly over time or whether you could wind up with a series of explosive eruptions over several years. >> greta: in is so massive, it has had such a profound impact on travel what is happening in europe right now the ripple affects throughout the world. what about health problems? any health considerations this or not? >> it depends on the concentrations of the ash at
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ground level. but there can be, because this is in effect, pooh highly pulverized rock. the granules that come out they call it ash but this is little jagged pieces of glass-like substances that come out of volcano. so it can be a hazard to our health. a year or two ago mountain in alaska erupted there were health warnings people were issued mass bes to -- so they could function to a certain extent outside. but, if you are really up close to the -- volcano that's where the most dangerous this is in a -- >> greta: pilots can see this on radar? >> i don't believe they can if you are flying, certainly if you are up close to the volcano and it looks like a
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big black cloud as we saw in your video if the cloud has had time to disperse it can look like haze. any sort of routine pollution haze that you might see at high feuds. one of the ways that -- high altitudes. one of the ways that countries have operated to deal with this is set up regional centers global delay use satellite and weather information to monitor and track these plumes so they can help route airliners around rather than risk having them fly through. >> greta: extraordinary to look at those clouds. pete, thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: stay with fox news for the latest on this cane know now back to washington. -- on this cane know now back to washington. president clinton talking the tea party. >> i like the debate. this tea party movement can be a healthy thing if they are making us justify every penny
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of taxes we raised and every dollar of public money we spent. have at it, go fight, go do whatever you want. you don't have to be nice, you can be harsh. you have to be careful not to advocate violence or cross the line. yes, the boston tea party involved the seizure of tea in a ship because it was taxation without representation. because even the massachusetts baycol any which had been self-governing had it stripped from them. this fight is about taxation by elected representatives that you don't agree with that you can vote out at the next election and two years after that and two years after that that's very different. >> greta: chief political correspondent for the washington examiner. byron, i guess it is fair to say those were dismissive of the tea party movement saying it didn't have impact when you have the former president of
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united states saying it is healthy, just can't go too far. i guess it is having an impact. >> no doubt they are talking about its impact what they are trying to suggest is that the rhetoric of the tea party movement is somehow dangerous and could possibly lead to political violence therefore, it ought to be toned down this is something thank you are hearing a lot from supporters of the administration the former president, from people in the media. this is a new talking point about this supposed danger presented by the tea party movement. >> greta: i'm totally opposed to danger, of course. when you think of the -- a lot of us are baby boomers when they protested the war i'm one that people were saying wild things then. that was before oklahoma city. >> there's always been harsh rhetoric in american policy down the line. the president was speaking today for the 15th anniversary of oklahoma city. the whole point is, their
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point is the dangerous rhetoric of the tea party could possibly lead to some terrible violence like what happened in oklahoma city. actually, if you listen to the whole speech and president clinton spoke about 45 minutes, you got the idea of how actually different conditions were leading up to oklahoma city. he talked about an anti-government raid and standoff in ruby ridge, idaho. there was waco, texas where there had been the government raid on the branch davidians killed four agents and the assault killed 76 of the branch davidians. timothy mcveigh the bomber killed 168. on the second anniversary of waco which was not an accident he was very agitated. >> greta: you have had tea party people on the air and they are people full of passion. i've not met one who thought
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that he or she should be violent. there's always the risk in every group, i don't care what group it is, of some whack job somebody who is nuts and taking full advantage of the situation and committing the most unthinkable acts. >> yeah. if it were to happen. it would be instantly politicized. after oklahoma city, clinton gave a speech talking about the purveyors of hate and paranoia, referring clearly to talk radio at the time. my experience going to a number of tea party rallies, the latest being yesterday, is that you hear a lot about federal spending. you mary about the deficit, a lot about taxes, health care reform. they don't like what is going on. but, in terms of violent rhetoric, don't hear it. >> greta: what brought gnaw discussion, the violent rhetoric? what provoked that? the anniversary of oklahoma city? >> part of it is just the
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anniversary. part of it is some of the kind of rhetoric we've heard sarah palin say that her supporters shouldn't relax or retreat, they should reload. >> greta: a very alaskan-type term one we don't use in the lower 48. >> she was to the talking about people getting guns and attacking someone. there has been this intense rhetoric. and there are some -- fringes, i guess of the tea party movement people who talk of revolution and things like that i think is more of an effort to try to sort of pretar the tea party movement with the label of being violent. when nothing in fact has happened. >> greta: which is also dangerous. >> it is. >> greta: is also wrong. the violence is wrong. provoking violence is wrong. and using our fears from past events is wrong too.
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>> you shouldn't put things in people's minds. that's all there is to it. there has been i think since the beginning, there were talks about how president obama was facing more threats than any other president in history. the secret service said that was not the case. but there's been a lot of talk on both sides accusing each other of extreme rhetoric. >> greta: byron, thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: imagine if the irs just ceased your tax refund. we have something you see sheriff has a warning, arm your service, why? that sheriff here to go "on the record" we are back in two. ♪ [ male announcer ] experience fast in all its forms. the is line. at your lexus dealer.
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>> greta: under the -- if you don't buy health care
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insurance the new is going to happen? irs enforcement official steve miller testifying to the senate finance committee. >> what incentive do individuals have to purchase insurance if they know the irs won't be checking on seeking to collect the individual mandate penalty? >> we will be looking mr. grassley. we will have that matching program. we will be corresponding with people whether that triggers an examination is going to depend on a given case not in all likelihood what my boss was saying that is not the kind of case that we send out an agent to pursue. it is the kind of case we correspond with the taxpayer. at the end of the day, again congress has limited tools we can use. we will be talking to the taxpayer and have a refund offset mechanism in order to enforce that provision. that is in our tool box. >> greta: martin vaughn.
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if i don't buy this health insurance under this new program. how do they find out? what do to me? >> well, each insurance provider is supposed to send an information return to the taxpayer also one to the irs. that way the irs is going to match those documents with your tax return and try to determine whether or not you've met this insurance mandate requirement. >> greta: they become the police sort of? >> sort of. what the deputy commissioner -- the point that he was trying to make was that the irs is not going to come to your house and drag to you jail if you don't have health insurance. >> greta: what are they going to do? >> they are constrained by the law. they can't put a levy against your house, they can't put a lien against your boat or
10:16 pm
property. they can send you a notice saying our records indicate you don't have insurance. you need pay a penalty even then, they have limited tools to sort of enforce that or make you pay the penalty one thing they can do is withhold your refund. >> greta: assuming you have a refund. if you don't have a refund they are not withholding any refund. >> exactly. if you don't have a refund there may not be much they can do to enforce this. >> greta: why was he testifying before the senate finance committee about that today? >> he testified on various issues taxpayers in health care mandate is front and center on the minds of a lot of people. >> greta: do you have the sense the irs is on top of this? or is this unchartered waters and they are feeling their way through? >> i think they are feeling their way through. the health care bill creates new responsibilities for the
10:17 pm
irs it is unchartered waters no doubt. they are being careful as they go through not to give the impression that they suddenly become this new super cop enforcement agency but they are going to do what congress has asked and play a role in this new health care system. >> greta: i den understand what the incentive is, let's say you are single, 25-years-old i'm not sure what the incentive is to buy health care insurance until you get sick. you might not get caught by irs. if they are not entitled to a refund they will send you a notice in the mail. if you do get sick, you can run out and get health because of this preexisting condition no longer is impediment. >> right this is a careful balance they tried to strike and craft from this legislation between not trading something so punitive that people would think that you know the irs is going to throw me in jail if i don't
10:18 pm
have health insurance. at the same time creating those incentives and letting them be there. he didn't rule out that not having health insurance would trigger an examination. he said it is not likely. >> greta: what do you mean by examination, audit? >> yeah. >> greta: if i don't have health insurance they are going to audit all my tax documents or could? >> they haven't ruled out it would be a factor. what the commissioner has said is that it is not likely to be the factor that causes the irs to knock on your door and say turnover all your records and we are going to audit your entire tax history. at the same time they are charged with enforcing this. he didn't rule out that it could be a factor. >> greta: what do you think of the people who might have huge tax evasion we should audit, the one person that doesn't buy health insurance using an irs agent to audit him seems
10:19 pm
like -- any way, thank you. next, california sets dangerous new record. what is it? coming up. here is some odd news rush limbaugh wants to say thank you to president obama. for what? coming up. n [ male announcer bobbsinclair.
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. >> greta: the problems in california are reaching a breaking point. california's unemployment rate just hit a new high of 12.6% that is the highest unemployment rate in california since the government started keeping track. steve moore joins us live from san diego senior economic writer for the "wall street journal" editorial page. one of the reasons why it is
10:23 pm
so horrifying to see what is happening in california because it is such a huge economy and it has affect on the other states as a result. why is their unemployment rate so much higher than other states and why is it inching up? >> you know i'm here in san diego, people are really worried here about the future of this state. there are so many people out of work. the problem here of the people i talked to, not just the people who are unemployed. a lot of people with jobs are worried about lose the jobs they have. it is a real crisis when you have one out of seven in the workforce that cannot find a job. when you ask the question why is this happening? california is a warning siren to the rest of the country. i think the big problem in california is that taxes are higher here than just about anywhere in the country almost higher than new york, new york city. high regulations impose high costs on businesses. the it has become a state
10:24 pm
where the laws and the regulations don't make a very conducive place to do business any longer that's different than the way it has been for the last 25 years. for the last 25 years california actually led the nation in jobs. >> greta: there are a couple of statistics that i looked at today that are horrifying. there were 117,000 more californiaians seeking work in march than in february. the other number that was horrifying was 38% of unemployed people in california a that's 803,000 have been out of work for 27 weeks or more. what is even worse twice as many people as a year ago. those are not trending in the right direction, at all. >> think about those statistics in the context that in the last three or four resections that we've had in this country dating back to the early 1980s, it has been california that has led the
10:25 pm
nation out of recession. that's what happened in the 80s and 90s, california had the fastest growing state economy of any state in the country. it led the nation in high-technology, entertainment, financial services that isn't happening so much any more. i think it is because there's a kind of anti-businessmen tally that has taken hold in sacrament the state capital. i [ talking over each other ] >> greta: why couldn't republican governor arnold schwarzenegger turn that around? what happened? this is not like something that is creeping up on us. the second thing is, the stimulus money from february of last year that has none of it had appreciable effect on in this state. >> the question about why arnold wasn't able to deal with this crisis of businesses leaving is a mystery. i used to work with arnold when he first became governor
10:26 pm
so i'm an admirer. he wasn't able to take on all of the important political groups in sacramento that make it so difficult for businesses to thrive. it is a republican governor but it is a heavily democratic legislature. they never came to agreement on lowering the costs so the businesses would want to move in not move out of the state. >> greta: i'm looking at the unemployment rate, california is up there, next door of course is nevada which is also the 13.4%. doesn't help when your neighbors are also failing as well. that's gonna impinge upon them. michigan, 14.1, california -- these are the same numbers we've been talking about month after month. they got to tart turning around sometime. steve, thank you. -- go got to start turning around sometime, steve, thank you. >> whatever happened to law enforcement protecting you? texas sheriff issues a warning. arm yourself.
10:27 pm
why? the sheriff is here to tell you. plus federal judge declares national day of prayer unconstitutional. really? reverend graham is near next. [ female announcer ] sometimes you need tomorrow to finish what you started today. for the aches and sleeplessness in between, there's new motrin pm. no other medicine, not even advil pm, is more effective for pain and sleeplessness. new motrin pm. [ male announcer ] there's one reason why over the past 100 years generations of men have trusted gillette. when it comes to shing, we've given them our best. and on june 6th, we'll give them somethg even better.
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10:31 pm
month. police suspect illegal immigrant killed him. how should americans living on the boarder protect themselves or can they? the sheriff gave a warning to residents of the bordertown, arm themselves. sheriff west joins us live, good evening. >> good evening greta. >> greta: sheriff, typically law enforcement protects citizens. you are telling citizens they need to arm themselves is that an admission that things have changed drastically? >> i'm telling my farmers and ranchers to arm themselves. they are out in the fields working doing an honest day's work trying to make a leaving. while they are -- to make a living. while they are out there they are vulnerable people come up behind them and like the rancher in arizona i didn't know the details of what happened but i don't want the same taking place out here. >> greta: i take it the border is porous there is that correct?
10:32 pm
>> it is it is wide open. >> greta: what do you recommend? let's back up a little. i realize the danger, is there anything that the federal or state government could be doing and should be doing? >> well, the federal government there again, we've had a few congressmen come down and we've had some congressmen that really are showing leadership on this. but the fact of the matter is, we need to have boots on the ground. we need to have people up on the levees on the border, protecting the border. >> greta: i shouldn't be so sarcastic, you say they come down and show leadership. i think leadership also includes the ability to get the product. one thing go down and say this is horrible, you really need this. has anything improve in the last year for you? >> it hasn't improved in the last four years.
10:33 pm
border patrol has sent a bunch of agents down here. unfortunately, they are dealing in growing pains. normally you would have one or two screens patrolling you have five or six riding in the same -- two agents patrolling, you have five or sick riding in the same unit and they are training. in the meantime the killing continues the possbility of them crossing over here and killing somebody on this side is very real. >> greta: how bad is the killing right over the border from your area? >> they've estimated around 600 in the valley, -- >> greta: 600 what? >> 600 people killed over there since -- >> greta: is this all thought to be drug-related? >> well, it is drug-related. some of the people that have gotten killed are innocent people. that's just a conservative number. you know, i really believe there is going to be a lot more since 600 that's since
10:34 pm
january 1st, of this year. >> greta: is it spilling over to your area or still contained in mexico? >> killing is still contained in mexico. there's not any killing taking place on the american side other than the rancher that i know of and the incident in el paso where they kidnap a guy and killed him. citizens from mexico have moved to our side of the river whether el paso, browns vim, they've moved here for safety reasons to get away from that the fact that some of these people may be involved in the drug cartels they may be trying to come here and get 'em. >> greta: why do you think it hasn't crossed over our border, yet? maybe it has with this arizona rancher. why haven't we seen more of it? >> in texas with the leadership of our governor we've stepped up. we've got the assistance of the state police. they are next to us. we are showing a strong
10:35 pm
presence. the only problem with what presence we are showing we don't have that kind of manpower. for example, i got 5,000 miles to cover with 17 deputies. there's a lot of country we have to cover. >> greta: that's a lot. sheriff, thank you and good luck, sir. >> thank you ma'am. >> greta: federal judge in wisconsin just dropped a shocker, making headlines from coast-to-coast. the judge ruling the national day of prayer is unconstitutional. reverend franklin graham. i guess reverend, always nice to see you. >> good to see you. i >> greta: i imagine this is grim news for this judge to do this what is your thought? >> i don't know what was behind it. we see judges like this making rulings from the bench and it is unfortunate it hurts all americans. the national day of prayer
10:36 pm
started in 1775 with the continental congress. where they asked the 13 original colonies to pray as they put together the constitution for our country. from that day, until today, our government has participated with churches and people of faith across the country to pray for its elected leaders. harry truman set aside this -- made it is into law. in 1988, it was president reagan who cite side the first thursday in may as the day for the national day of prayer. i just don't understand where this lady is coming from. why it is unconstitutional to ask people to is people of all faiths, greta this is for jews, christians, catholics, hindus, buddhists, anybody can pray. to coming together and uniting
10:37 pm
all of us to support our president as a christian thev/e bible tells me to pray for those that are in authority over me. i'm commanded by god himself to pray for those that are in authority. so regardless of what this woman says, i'm still gonna pray. >> greta: two thoughts, i think in some sort of perverse way this is going to be good for the national day of prayer, because i think it draws more attention to it. i think in some perverse way it is going to be a good thing. it is not going to top people from praying. if someone declare the did unconstitutional it is not going to stop anybody. has the white house, has the president responded? i don't think he's pulling back, is he? >> no, i wrote the president tonight. i hope get the letter this evening asking him to support the national day of prayer and appeal this ruling. i think this judge is unjust
10:38 pm
this is eroding our christian heritage. it's these types of judges are trying to whittle away our heritage and foundation. my goal is to let everybody know that god loves them jesus christ died on a cross for our sin. he can come into a heart and change a hafrplt our country needs a heart transplant. -- change a heart. our country needs a heart transplant. it is so divided, so bitter. we need to pray for our country. we need pray for our elected leaders. we need pray that would god would intervene and bring healing to this nation. we have taken god out of our country, out of our government, out of our schools and look at the mess we are in. we need not less of god we need more god, more prayer. i don't understand how come this judge doesn't see this >> greta: in sort of a perverse way it vans the
10:39 pm
national day of prayer. but for her making this an issue we wouldn't have this discussion, in some sort of odd way it dark -- it puts the spotlight on it -- maybe you disagree me on that? >> i agree. this judge i pray for her. and pray that god would get a 5 hold of her heart and she would come to know the lord jesus christ in a personal way as her saviour and her lord that would be my prayer for her and for everyone watching. >> greta: reverend thank you. i'm sure you will be here on the day of prayer we'll see you then, thank you. >> thank you god bless you greta. >> greta: after the show on the o'reilly factor. >> president obama taking big notice of the tea party protests we'll talk with chris wallace. glenn beck angry at "newsweek" magazine coming up. >> greta: great night at 11.
10:40 pm
we are live until the top of the hour. our next guest a democrat he predicts a november disaster for the democrats. but he has a tip to avoid disaster. find out, next. rush limbaugh wants to thank the president for a few things. rush in his own words, coming up. [ advisor 1 ] what do you see yourself doing one week, one month, five years after you do retire? ♪
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. >> greta: let's go to our new york newsroom. >> reporter: sex offender john albert gardner admitting he killed two san diego teenaged girls. entering guilty pleas in the deaths. there were few solid leads until king disappeared a year later near the site where the first victim went missing. gardner was realized three days later he led authorities to dubois'dy. >> toyota recalling 600,000 minivans, core row from road salt could cause the spare tire carrier cable to fail and could separate and cause a road hazard to other cars. 2008 to again siennas. i'm marianne rafferty now back to on the record.
10:45 pm
>> greta: our next guest a democrat says his party could face a november disaster unless the party makes changes. what kind of changes? democratic pollster doug schoppe. you don't beat around the bush saying the health care bill is a disaster that doesn't leave much of a margin to play with for the democrats. what is going on come november? you say it is going to be a disaster. >> right now it will be if things don't change. we are looking at somewhere between 30 and 40 seats in the house, six to eight in the senate. there's a substantial defeat looming. >> greta: all right, let's look at some of these states. arkansas, senator blanche lincoln out, no chance? >> i think she is a distinct undoing running 8 to 10 points behind both leading republicans. >> greta: nevada and you and i probably differ a little in terms on whether or not
10:46 pm
senator harry reid can pull it off. >> the poll released today by the review journal out there shows him down 47-37 getting only 20% of the independents, 6% of the republicans, tough for harry reid. >> greta: so far down, it seems impossible that he could be reelected. then i keep going back to the issue of money. he's a bigger war chest than the probable republican candidate. do you think money being poured into the republican candidate to beat off a harry reid tv ad buy? >> i'm sure there will be when sue lowden wins the primary there will be massive amount of money that comes in to support her. harry is so far down even with the financial advantage it is going to be hard for him to get the support outside of core democrats that he needs
10:47 pm
to win in the state. >> greta: california, senator boxer you have her as a maybe loss. >> i do. both between arena and campbell the likely republican -- both fiorina and campbell the likely republicans. the unemployment and economy is in such bad shape voters have a strong appetite for change. >> greta: in terms of campbell vs. fiorina is likely to win that? >> it is a tossup now. i think carly has an advantage being the outsider in this year. but it is hard to say, at this point. >> greta: what is your overall tip to these democrats? because it looks rather bleak so far for the democrats. >> i think the democrats have to commit to fiscal conservatism that's the larger message of the tea party
10:48 pm
movement. they have to commit to job creation. health care has been a distraction and a negative within. unless the democrats are committed to revitalizing the economy and dealing with the high unemployment you were speaking about before they are not going to make any progress politically. >> greta: there's a golden opportunity, if they proposed a new budget and not planning to do that, if they proposed a budget and hold the fiscal discipline as you suggest they might be able to sell that to the american people but that's a hard sell when they are not going to put a budget on the take. >> i couldn't agree more not going to emphasize going to do, you can't win. when we were working with bill clinton in the mid 90s we came up with a balanced budget. that's what ultimately turned the country around. president obama has to demonstrate the same level of fiscal discipline. >> greta: doug, thank you always nice to see. >> thank you. >> greta: hold on to your see the.
10:49 pm
rush limbaugh has a laundry list of things he wants to thank president obama for. yes, that rush limbaugh. rush is minutes way.
10:50 pm
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
>> greta: here's the best of the rest. president obama says tea party activists amuse him.
10:53 pm
the protesters should actually be thanking him for tax cuts he passed during his first term. rush limbaugh wants to than the president for a few things. >> okay, i will oblige. mr. president, i want to thank you for seizing general motors and chrysler. i want to thank you for an pointing a pervert as our safe schools czar. i would like to thank you mr. president for the generational theft that you have committed with all of this bar rogue and spending, you have spent -- of this barrowing and spending. you have spent the wealth of two, three, maybe four generations in the future before they are born. i want to thank you mr. president for insulting and endangering i israel. i want to thank you mr. president for driving up the unemployment rate to near double psychiatries for years to come. i want to thank you mr. president for telling
10:54 pm
everybody it is going to be double digits as the new . i want to thank you mr. president for exploding the annual deficit to the level where it can never be repaid. i'd like to thank you mr. president, for targeting and destroying private health insurance companies. i want to thank you mr. president for pushing for khalid sheikh mohammed to stand trial in new york city and receive full constitutional rights at a cost of 200 million dollars per year, i want to thank you for that i want to thank you for helping to destroy the housing market, mr. president. and mr. president, i would love to thank you for your arrogance. because arrogance is part and parcel of an authoritarian leader of a scream. i want to thank you for your divisiveness. thank you for ignoring the public union pension time bombs wait a minuting to explode. i would like to thank you mr. president for mocking and
10:55 pm
disrespecting the american people. and i'd like to thank you for your neverending support of the new black panthers and acorn. thank you for embracing our enemies and snubbing our allies. most of all mr. president, thank you for arousing the sleeping, silent majority. because we have been asleep too long. november is coming, mr. president. that is when we will really thank you. >> greta: i guess we know how rush limbaugh feels. last night we told you about president obama's tax return. apparently, we did miss something. 5%5%%%5%5%%%%%5$5$%$%$$$e$o$dc@é
10:56 pm
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you've got a life to live. [ male announcer ] so don't blame it on aging. go to to find out more. >> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights. it's time. last call. jay leno must have a source at the irs. >> it's april 15th. the day we all curse like joe biden. yeah. president obama released his tax return today. he didn't owe a lot of taxes he has a lot of depend yents. his wife, daughters aig, general motorors just write them all off. >> that is your last call. thanks for joining us tonight. we'll see you again on monday. make sure you follow us on slash greta wire. until then keep it here onox
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